The Electrical Industries Charity recognises the importance of the essential support network for young talent in the electrical industry and launched the Apprentice Support Programme to help apprentices to create a career they deserve.

Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity for a young person in the electrical industry to earn and learn while gaining invaluable training and life skills. Although there are a lot of young people in the electrical sector who are trying to build their career, for some, this is not an option due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives.

Are you ready for another unforgettable night? This year powerBall 2017 is set for a remarkable disco explosion with City Electrical Factors (CEF) as the headline sponsor for the second year running.

This year’s dance extravaganza will take you on a journey through the days of 70’s disco and will get your feet moving all night long to the best entertainment from the new band Madhen, and DJ Laura. Guests on the night will also experience the outstanding performance of 12 talented young dancers who will recreate the 70’s phenomenon of Saturday Night Fever choreographed by Nikki Trow.

Once in a while no matter how old or young you are, we all need a bit of support when trying to build a better future for ourselves. Most of us have that support network which keeps us going towards reaching a goal, but others are in need of a helping hand to give them the strength and motivation to keep going.

The Electrical Industries Charity designed the Apprentice Support Programme which recognises the resilience of the young people in the electrical industry and delivers the services to ensure that they get the right support to create a promising career path for themselves. The Programme provides young adults with the right level of support with many issues including financial, emotional, health and family factors that may be in the way of pursuing a dream of starting a new career.

The Electrical Industries Charity is calling on the electrical and energy industries to take on a life-changing challenge for people in your industry by participating in one or all of the Charity’s sporting events this summer.

The Charity has a wide range of events to choose from which will get you fit, push you beyond your limits and leave you with long-lasting memories for many years to come.

You can challenge your physical strength, mental grit and overcome your biggest fears while completing the toughest obstacle course in the UK – the Tough Mudder 2017. At the Tough Mudder, you will have a chance to step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself beyond your limits as you overcome over 20 obstacles. This world’s greatest mud run is taking place at various UK locations between 13 May 2017- 24 September 2017. For further information, please visit the Charity’s official website.

Are you an adventurous type who is looking for the next exciting challenge which will help to reshape the future of those in need? The Electrical Industries Charity is looking for brave individuals to join their second Challenge for a Cause campaign to raise funds for the Dickinson family.

Caz Dickinson, a mother, grandmother and a loving wife spent 15 years working for a large electrical wholesaler until her life changed in the blink of an eye. On the 4 January 2009, Caz collapsed in her home, hit her head on the bathroom floor and was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain haemorrhage. Since her collapse, she has faced numerous major operations and has been left with severe, irreversible brain damage.

Tickets for the biggest and most electrifying night in the electrical industry’s calendar- powerBall 2017 are now on sale, and it promises to be the best disco event ever.

This year’s dance extravaganza promises to provide an unforgettable night with its very own Friday Night Fever theme. powerBall 2017 will take you on the journey through 70’s disco days where you will have a chance to embrace the 70s classic tunes and dance the night away to the incredible soundtrack of More Than a Woman, Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, and You Should Be Dancing.

By Tessa Ogle, Managing Director of the Electrical Industries Charity

It’s not every day that you embark on a journey which will see nine brave people join you in the challenge of a lifetime. But that’s exactly what happened when we launched the Electrical Industries Charity’s very first Challenge for Cause, a journey which would help to raise funds for the Hendrie family who had suffered the devastating loss to cancer of a loving husband and father.

The Electrical Industries Charity is proud to announce that their nine enthusiastic trekkers are back from the biggest challenge of the year- Mt Kilimanjaro Trek.

Nine trekkers joined Tessa Ogle, Managing Director of the Electrical Industries Charity for the Challenge for a Cause trek and made it to the Uhuru peak of the highest free-standing mountain in the world. They include Johanne Stimson of Heat Mat; Andrew Dykes of SES Engineering Services Ltd; Mike Smith, of SES Engineering Services Ltd and Senior Vice President of the ECA; Denise Hillier of Spring Electrical Ltd; Mark David Ward of Power 1 Group; Dave Gilbert of SCV Electrical Limited, Rosemary Phillips of RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services and Joseph Hogg of Edmundson Electrical Ltd.