Every so often no matter how old or young you are, we all go through challenging situations in our lives and need a bit of support when trying to create a better future. Most of us have that support network which keeps us going towards reaching a goal. But others are in need of a helping hand to give them the strength and motivation to keep going.

The Electrical Industries Charity designed the Apprentice Support Programme which recognises the resilience of young people in the electrical industry and delivers the services to ensure that they get the right support to create a promising career path for themselves. 

The Apprentice Support Programme provides support for young adults with many issues including financial, emotional, health and family factors that may be in the way of pursuing their dream of starting a new career. The Charity’s programme provides services including career development and transition assistance, debt advice, financial assistance, legal advice, apprentice scholarships and bursary scheme, financial grants and assistance, and support for carers. 

It is never too late to ask for help. For more information, please contact Vicky Gray: vicky.gray@electricalcharity.org

To download the brochure, click here